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Program Overview

If you’ve never done it before, yoga can feel intimidating. It’s okay to worry about not being flexible enough, in shape enough, or even just looking silly.

But yoga isn’t just those crazy arm-balancing, pretzel poses that are so popular on social media. It can be easy to get started and then work your way to more advanced poses.

Practicing yoga can help with body awareness, flexibility, strength, mobility, and balance. It also requires you to shift into a more relaxed state, which can help decrease stress, increase focus, and promote a stronger connection with yourself.

Session Length: 60 Mins
15 min: Joints loosening practice
35 min: Yoga practice
5 min:  body relaxation
5 min: Pranayama 

Timetable :
Mon : Therapeutic Yoga
Tue : Weight Training and Power Yoga
Wed : Suryanamaskara and Yog Nidra
Thu : Therapeutic Yoga
Fri : Core and Pilates

* Improved strength and balance
* Heart health
* Improved blood circluation
* Flexibility
* Mental health

Batch Details

  • Students Per Batch: 20
  • Session Format: Group Session
  • Session Length: 60 Mins
  • Session Timing: 07:00 ||| 08:00 ||| 17:00
Sessions will be held on:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chitra S

Chitra S

  • Exp. 2 Year(s)

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Chitra S

Chitra S

Online Therapeutic Yoga
Actual Price

₹ 1200.00

Course Features

Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 7 AM | 8 AM | 5 PM
Session Length : 60 min

Age: 13 to 60 years
Max Cap: 20

Yoga - Rs. 1200 per month.
Yoga+Diet - Rs. 2200 per month.