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Beginner's Weightloss Yoga

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Program Overview

Many people ask how yoga reduces weight. Well, the answer lies in the fact that weight loss yoga makes your more conscious and aware of your body and mind. Yoga asanas for weight loss further increases your body movements. So if you ever think “is yoga good for weight loss?”, the answer is yes. But if you think you can try yoga to lose weight in 10 days, we won’t suggest this. Yoga for weight loss is a consistent and regular process. Each of yoga postures for weight loss needs time and practice. You cannot expect to do yoga, reduce weight and get a toned body in a week or ten days. If you are new to weight loss yoga, you can try weight loss yoga.

Session Length: 50 Mins
10 min: Pranayam
5 min: Joint opening
20 min: Yogasana
5-10 min: Yoga flow
5-10min: Udgit / Meditation / Relaxation

* Learn Yoga
* Weightloss
* Improved blood circluation
* Flexibility
* Stress relief

Batch Details

  • Students Per Batch: 15
  • Session Format: Group Session
  • Session Length: 50 Mins
  • Session Timing: 06:00 ||| 09:00 ||| 19:15
Sessions will be held on:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Swati M

Swati M

  • Exp. 4 Year(s)

I am Swati Mittal. A Certified yoga instructor who have done advance diploma in yoga and science. Experience of 4+ years in yoga teaching. My expertise is weight loss, cure diseases like thyroid, blood pressure, digestive issues and body-ache etc. Try to make a plan according to everyone's body type and requirements. Join me and learn about yoga and change your aura. Yoga does not only improve your body shape but also your mental health. Take a first step with me to transform yourself.

Package reviews - 4

Sudha Gangaram2022-08-29 17:02:14


"Hi I have tried a couple of online yoga instructors but none like Swathi! She has been ,hands down,the most gentle n firm instructor so far.She is aware of her students’ health issues and uses that knowledge to help correct n improve her students’ yoga postures.Her attention to the movements of her students is highly commendable. Her sessions are not only challenging but relaxing too. Swathi is perfect for beginners and no one should hesitate to take up her classes."

Sneha2022-08-03 17:10:54



Rutuja More2022-07-02 03:02:41


"I recently joined Swati’s online classes and i can see the benefit within a month. It is really helping me not only physically but also mentally.. Swati is a very good trainer, the way she observe everyone and corrects us gives me an experience of f2f yoga training. Also, she explains the benefits of various asanas etc. I loved it in my very first month and has renewed for a longer term. Thanks Swati as you have made me a yoga person which i never wanted to be"

Fatimah Zahra 2022-07-01 08:25:32


"I have never liked yoga, and I have lost interest in every instructor I had before I joined Swati Ma’ams class. She is a very enthusiastic guide who pushes us to do our best. I am very happy and satisfied, and I have never been this consistent with my workout routines. I joined due to PCOS, and now it feels like it’s manageable, my cramps have reduced and almost gone, my acne is healing and overall my health seems to be improving. I really owe it to Swati ma’am for encouraging me and guiding me to be a better version of myself "

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Swati M

Swati M

Beginner's Weightloss Yoga
Actual Price

₹ 1500.00

Course Features

Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 6 AM | 9 AM | 7.15 PM
Session Length : 50 min

Age: 16 to 50 years
Max Cap: 20

Yoga - Rs. 1500 per month.
Yoga+Diet - Rs. 2000 per month.