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Program Overview

Most people associate diets with short-term weight loss and restrictive food intake. However, a diet plan is tailored to an individual’s health status, weight and lifestyle, along with their weight loss and health goals.

The diet plan acts as a bespoke template to steer your eating behaviour, exercise and lifestyle management towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re trying to reduce, increase, or maintain your body weight, it’s important to create a sustainable, safe, and enjoyable eating pattern.

Healthy weight loss can be achieved by making dietary changes alone, Before committing to a weight loss, weight gain, pre-natal, post-natal, etc diet, it’s best to consult with a professional, especially if you take medications or have any underlying health conditions.

For leading a healthy lifestyle it is very important to follow a good diet to get proper nutrition. So take your one step ahead and enroll for the diet plan to achieve your health goal.

Batch Details

  • Students Per Batch: 1
  • Session Format: 1-to-1 Session
  • Session Length: 30 Mins
  • Session Timing: ||| |||
Sessions will be held on:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Pooja R

  • Exp. 1 Year(s)

I'm a nutritionist and believe in healthy living. And secondly I believe there's no need to restrict anything but moderation is the key.

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Pooja R

Eat Clean with Pooja
Actual Price

₹ 2800.00

Course Features

Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Session Length : 30 min

Age: Any Age
Max Cap: 1

Rs. 2800 /- per month. 

Rs. 7000 /- for 3 months.

Procedure :

  • Starting with an introduction followed with customers journey, daily routine, medical conditions, medical updates checking of reports (if any)

  • Setting long term goals - how much weight loss or muscle gain, nutrition gain, etc

  • Setting smart habits [eg- start with cardio activity, start eating salad etc...]

  • Habit changing - how to achieve your goal

  • Setting up a Diet plan

  • Weekly followups for 1 month included

  • You can connect on WhatsApp message any day during the one month for small diet-related queries