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Program Overview

Pilates originated as a rehabilitation exercise for wounded soldiers during World War 1 by Joseph Pilates. It aims to strengthen and stretch the whole body with emphasis on developing core stability and strength.

The technique focuses on breathing, precision of movements, muscle efficiency and grace. Pilates perfectly complements cardio exercises, other sports and rehabilitation!

Benefits of Pilates:

* Improves posture
* Increases muscle strength
* Develops balance and coordination skills
* Increases flexibility and mobility
* Relieves stress and back pain
* Helps to prevent injury
* Improves joint stability
* Enhances athletic performance

Classes are suited for all levels! Beginners can start their pilates journeys and advanced fitness enthusiasts can further improve their skills!

Batch Details

  • Students Per Batch: 10
  • Session Format: Group Session
  • Session Length: 45 Mins
  • Session Timing: 06:45 ||| 18:00 |||
Sessions will be held on:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Inakshi V

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Package reviews - 5

Sakshi Rohila2022-03-25 09:59:06


"My journey with Inakshi is only five months old and I am already such a big fan of her dedication towards her work. She oozes out this positive energy throughout her sessions that one's intrinsically motivated to do well. Her usp is the tailored work out sessions for everyone during each session. She makes sure that there is complete involvement of each member in the group. After my knee surgery, I had almost lost hope of working out, Inakshi has lit that ray of hope all over again. Not only do I feel stronger & healthier , but I also look forward to workout sessions each day."

Nilanjana Sen2022-03-25 09:58:43


"Pilates is something which I never thought I can learn and practice online . The whole credit goes to you Inakshi. Thanks so much for very valuable training. I really enjoy it , and appreciate the way you make it fun and push us to do more with ease. I feel much better to deal with it and learn more. I also love your idea of using different props to make the class more interesting & enjoyable. Thank you for your wisdom,experience and personable presentation. Thank you for motivating each day!"

Viresh Aggarwal2022-03-25 09:58:16


"It has been 15 months that I have been doing pilates virtually with Inakshi and the journey till now has been great. She is observant, gives clear instructions, punctual and is always very encouraging. In this tough pandemic times when there is so much stress her sessions are almost therapeutic. Going to gym leads to a stiff body and low flexibility. So I started gradually with mat Pilates but now we are doing mix bag excercise of stretching, body weight, cardio in addition to core strengthening using Pilates rod,resistance bands,weights and even gliding discs. I believe anyone who excercises and has not tried Pilates is majorly missing something. Thank You."

Venika Menon2022-03-25 09:57:43


"I was hesitant to start Pilates for the first time over zoom because I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the experience but after the first class, I knew I had made the right decision. Inakshi, as an instructor, brings a lot to the table: noticing the posture and movement of each student, giving helpful feedback in real time, keeping an upbeat and enthusiastic mood during class, taking every person’s physical and skill limitations into account, providing modifications for each move. Her classes always seem to be the right mix of challenging and enjoyable. She is the reason that I’m continuing with Pilates as the way to build my strength, endurance and flexibility."

swati 2022-03-25 09:57:10


"The highlight of my journey with MMP is 11 months and 9kgs down. I came across MMP when I was a postpartum mom and was skeptical about doing core and lower abs but Inakshi’s guidance and techniques really helped me to do so. Each class I learn something new or get challenged with a new workout- Pilates rod, socks workout or stretch bands! Inakshi is an excellent teacher and friendly instructor who truly cares about her clients. Her each session is really therapeutic .She is truly my go to person. Thank you for keeping me in great shape and being an amazing,attentive and talented young instructor. I feel empowered each and every time."

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Inakshi V

Pilates, Yoga & HIIT Combo
Actual Price

₹ 2700.00

Course Features

Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 6.45 AM & 6.00 PM
Session Length : 45 min

Age: 18 to 60 years
Max Cap: 10

Rs. 2700 for 12 Sessions
Rs. 4400 for 20 Sessions