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Program Overview

When trying to conceive, many factors come into picture - be it weight, regular periods or overall well-being of the woman.

Yoga to conveive is a great way to boost your fertility as it help you regulate your cycle while lowering the stress with meditation. Many a times, doing yoga can lower your weight followed by quick conceiving.

So start your pregnancy journey here and now!

Session length : 60 min
5-8 min: Warm up
30-40 min: Yogaasanas -- Surya namaskar, strengthen balancing, asanas related to problems
8-10 min: Pranayam
5-10 min: Meditation

Health Benefits:
* Corrects weight
* Regularizes periods
* Reduces stress
* Increases fertility

Batch Details

  • Students Per Batch: 10
  • Session Format: Group Session
  • Session Length: 60 Mins
  • Session Timing: 18:00 ||| |||
Sessions will be held on:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Shweta G

Shweta G

  • Exp. 5 Year(s)

Shweta is a certified trainer.

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Shweta G

Shweta G

Yoga to Conceive
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₹ 2000.00

Course Features

Days: Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri
Time: 6.00 PM (IST)
Session Length: 60 min

Max Cap: 10

Rs. 2000 per month.