We offer only online sessions and offline classes are not available. Our trainers are specially trained to conduct classes online and have years of experience doing same. We recommend you to attend a trial session to experience the qualtity.

It's alright if you have never done exercise earlier, everyone started from zero. One should choose an activity that best suits their persona. 

If you are more of a relaxing, calm loving person you should go with Yoga since it refreshes your senses and body. 

If you are more of a playful, energetic person who loves grooving to popular beats then Dance fitness is all you need.

If you are a person that loves luxury and wants to experience new territory for everyday fitness then Pilates is the best option.

Lastly if you are highly energetic and have done exercises earlier and are always looking ways to burn extra calories then go ahead with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

We have many yoga classes that suit beginners, eg. Hatha yoga class, swadhyayoga class, etc. Other classes that are for specific purposes like PCOS, PCOD, weightloss, blood pressure, prenatal are also for beginners and anyone can join them at any given day since the trainers take care of the requirements of the beginners. 
Trainers help around with all the poses and pauses you need to take while doing those. 

Pilates is a mind-body exercise form developed by german physical fitness trainer Joseph Pilates. It is very popular in western countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK. 
If you are looking for a simple yet effective form of exercise that gives above benefits and make you part of an elite group then Pilates is a big yes.
It improves stability, core strength, and flexibility and gives attention to body posture, breathing, muscle control and builds endurance. 

During online class all our trainers get to see how you are following the poses / exercises. They correc the posture in realtime. Since we have limited number of people per batch trainers are able to give proper individual attention to everyone. If needed they also talk to you after the class for short queries.

Our Prenatal yoga are adequately certified and have many years of prior experience of conducting Prenatal yoga classes. They are properly trained to take online prenatal yoga class, and during last 3 months of pregnancy it is always good to take any prenatal yoga at home to avoid lots of travel and rush. Just keep in mind that Yoga is not meant to hurt, so rest assured our trainers are ready to take you through the prenatal yoga journey safely.

Doing online exercise at home is quite easy, you can start right away with any special exquipment or expensive yoga mat/ pants. Wear cloths that you feel comfortable in, these should not restrict your range of movement of hands and legs. Simple yoga mat will help you avoid slipping of hands and provide support to knees. Some trainers may also ask you to take up a prop like a towel, a wooden cane, a hard pillow / load. And lastly keeping a bottle of water and a napkin handy will always help to take a break.

Practically speaking it always comes down to when you have time during your daily schedule. 
Morning is a great time to shake off your stiffness and laziness, it renergizes you and gets you ready for a great day.
Due to late night office work or busy morning schedule many find time only in the evening to get a refreshed mood. This is where you choose to make most of the day and prepare for the night by choosing an evening batch.

What we all know is we should not be full tummy just before any exercises. But its ok to have just a small banana or handful of nuts like almonds, cashew, walnuts, dates half an hour before yoga / pilates class.

Some people choose to ignore their period and go on with their daily activities. Others prefer to take it easy and wait until their symptoms have passed. Regardless of how you feel about your period, yoga may help with the symptoms that you are experiencing. Many trainers advise not to do inversions such as Headstand, Handstand, Shoulderstand where the head is lower than the heart as they feel they interrupt the downward flow. Recent studies found out that  yoga was able to significantly reduce moderate to severe pain, abdominal swelling, and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. It can help to alleviate back pain and cramping. Some people find it also helps them balance their emotions. 

Most of the people practice yoga / Pilates to improve their individual health conditions. With different classes available for these health conditions it is easier to assess which one will help your purpose. However if you have any chronic health condition or have a past injury or are looking for Prenatal class, we recommend you to consult you doctor / physician and then join the class. We will also proceed ahead only if the trainer is confident of helping you in class to improve your pain.

If you are Pregnant and interested in taking up a yoga class, first thing to do is, check with your doctor and get a go ahead from them. It is not recommended to do yoga during first three months of pregnancy. 
At the start of 4th month it is generally quite safe to start prenatal class. All our trainers are well trained and certified to take prenatal class. They have many years of experience and lots of happy clients, so rest assured you are in safe hands.