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Types of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga to Conceive

yoga to conceive

These batches are for women who have want to conceive. Specific exercises will be covered which will control hormonal imbalances, weight and help you concieve quickly.

Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga is specific form of yoga done in 2nd & 3rd trimester. It focuses on getting your body & mind ready for delivery through various asanas & meditations.

Post-natal Yoga

postnatal yoga

Post-natal (also known as post-partum) yoga is done after the delivery. A new mother can start post-natal yoga 3 months after the delivery for faster recovery.

Pregnancy Yoga Timelines

Basic Yoga


months before pregnancy
Yoga to Conceive


months before you start trying.
Prenatal Yoga


months of prenatal yoga from 13th week.
Postnatal Yoga


months of basic yoga post-partum.

One Program Many Benefits

Prental Yoga improves physical fitness for natural birth

Improve Physical Fitness

Pregnancy Yoga includes many different forms of breathing and physical exercises along with meditation which helps a woman build physical & mental fitness and be ready for pregnancy & delivery.

prepare your abdomen for normal delivery prengatal yoga benefit

Prepare your body for delivery

Childbirth muscles play important role during delivery. Specific asanas done during 2nd & 3rd trimester with prenatal yoga to strenghthen childbirth muscles making your body ready for the delivery.

prenatal yoga helps faster Recovery

Faster Post-partum Recovery

With continued exercise before and during the pregnancy, you can recover faster post-partum as your body is fit & healthy. You can also opt for any basic yoga sessions 3 months post-partum.

Mindfulness by Zestapeep


​Meditation and pranayam reduces everyday stress bringing much needed peace and mindfulness to your life.You can also join the free 'garbh-sanksar' sessions available with prenatal yoga.

Prenatal Yoga Schedule

Pregnancy Yoga Schedule

How it works...


Consult with a Zestapeep assistant to deep-dive on your requirement and find best suited option for you.

Build Pregnancy Plan

You can start whenever you are ready. Couple your yoga with diet plan for complete care.

Trial and Enroll

Attend a trial session for option selected and enroll for full program post trial.


Reveiw your progress with zestapeep and trainers every 2 weeks to stay on track.



Each session will be from 45 mins to 60mins.😊

Experts recommend prenatal yoga only 3 times a week.

We recommend practice yoga from 2nd trimester i.e. 4th month till one day before delivery.

Experts recommend prenatal yoga only 3 times a week.

Yes, all our trainers will be give you individual attention. Each trainer can handle upto 20 mothers in each session.

Yes, if you miss any batch you can attend any other batch that day with same trainer.

Yes, ​​if you request before commencement of 1st session.

Start your pregnancy journey

Choose Pregnancy Yoga Batch of Your Choice

Prenatal Yoga by Shweta

Pregnancy Yoga


7 AM
7 PM
8 AM

Rs. 1800 / month

Prenatal Yoga by Arti

Prenatal Yoga


8.30 AM
6.30 PM

Rs. 2500 / month

Prenatal Yoga by Swati

Prenatal Yoga


6.30 PM

Rs. 2300 / month