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Weightloss Yoga by Zestapeep with Aradhana Sinha

Addresses every cause of weight gain


Sedentary Lifestyle

​Having a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the main reason of weight gain. Sitting in office everyday without much movement or daily household work gives less exercise than what your body needs.

unhealthy eating habbits causes weightgain

Unhealthy Eating Habits

​One of the most basic risks associated with high calorie intake is the development of obesity. Eating too many high-calorie foods – particularly processed foods that are high in fat, starches or sugar – can cause us to be overweight or obese.

hormonal imbalance causes weightgain

Hormonal Imbalances

​​Hormonal imbalance occurs when you have too much or too little of a specific hormone. Even small changes in hormone levels can critically affect your health. 

stress at work and home causes weightgain

Stress and Anxiety

​​One of the most basic risks associated with high calorie intake is the development of obesity. Eating too many high-calorie foods – particularly processed foods that are high in fat, starches or sugar – can cause us to be overweight or obese.

Not just weightloss but more

yoga and exercising gives you glowing skin

Glowing Skin

As you start exercisign regularly, the blood circulation improves across your body leading to a glowing skin & fresh skin.

specific yoga asanas regularize your periods

Regular Periods

All sessions include specific yoga asanas and exercises which help regularize your monthly periods through hormonal balancing.

yoga makes your heart healthy

Healthy Heart

As you ramp up from beginner level to intermediate level, your heart will become young like never before. 

Mindfulness by Zestapeep


​Meditation and pranayam reduces everyday stress bringing much needed peace and mindfulness to your life. 

Build Your Plan

anisha zestapeep
anisha zestapeep
anisha zestapeep
anisha zestapeep

Beginner's Level

These batches are for theose who have never exercised or practiced yoga before. You will be introduced to various excercise with in-depth information.

Intermediate Level

As you get comfortable with yoga, you can increase your pace by joining these intermediate level. The focus here will be more on doing the exercises than on explainations.

Advance (HIIT) Level

These batches are of the highest intensity level. One needs to do at least 4 months of regular exercise to join these batches.

Toning & Continuity

Once you reach your target weigth, you can join these batches to tone your body, make the skin tight & maintain ideal weight.

How it works...


Consult with a Zestapeep assistant to deep-dive on your requirement and find best suited option for you.

Build Weightloss Plan

You can start as beginner or at intermediate level. Couple your excercise option with diet plan for faster weight loss.

Trial and Enroll

Attend a trial session for option selected and enroll for full program post trial. Spend 2 months each at beginner, intermediate & advance level for best results.


Reveiw your progress with zestapeep assistant and trainers every 2 weeks to stay on track. Engage with fellow batchmates to stay motivated.

Weightloss Gallery

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weightloss yoga by aradhana weightloss yoga by Neha

Customer Testimonial

"Swati your weight loss program is awesome. In first month I shed fat from my arms, chest, legs and waist mostly. Lost 2kg weight in 1st month but as you always say loss in inches first. I got my confidence back. Thank you mam. Now 3 months completed I lost 7kg and in inches. Feeling so better."


"I joined Sheenam's yoga sessions 2 months ago, feeling lots of differences in my body. I lost 2kgs with her yoga sessions. I was suffering from sinus problem but now I'm feeling very active. Thank you so much Sheenam. The way you teach yoga is fabulas."


"Aradhana is a very simple and yet a genuine yoga teacher who gives honest reviews and guidance. I have lost 8kgs in the span of two months under her guidance. I was under weight loss program for yoga sessions and I really love it. I totally owe my weight loss and the progress I have made to her."


"A good experience with you Swati. Lost 5 kg in last 3 months and shed all extra fat now 63 kg only. My double chin gone, waist size looks slimmer. "


"Since I have joined Zumba with Neha, I have seen my stamina getting better along with an inch loss. Highly recommend to join her Zumba class."



1. How long is each Session?

- Each session will be from 45 mins to 60mins.

2. Will I get individual attention?

- Yes, you will get individual attention as trainers can handle up to 15-20 people in each session.​

3. Can I switch batches?

- Yes, if you miss any batch you can attend any other batch that day.

4. How much weight one can expect to lose in a month?

- You can expect 1-2kgs weightloss in a month with yoga or with any other exercises and for faster results you can opt for Yoga + Diet plan which will help you lose up to 4kgs in a month.

5. How long does it take to lose weight with yoga?

- You will definitely see noticeable weight loss results within two weeks. Practice regularly, and results will only improve from there. You will feel stronger and thinner every day. With time and hard work, your body will look toned day by day.

6. Is diet equally important as exercise?

- Yes, ​​Combination of Diet and Exercise will help you lose weight faster.

7. Can I get refund?

- Yes, ​​if you request before commencement of 1st session.

8. Are sessions recorded?

- No, as of now we only provide live classes at different times of a day, you can choose any of them to attend the session.

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